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The way the financial sector works is changing. At Tink, we want you to change with us. We will help you adapt to your customers’ new routines and behaviours. Reach more customers the way they want to be reached and gain their trust.

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Financial marketing:
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At Tink, our programme of attracting customers and gaining loyalty allows us to create new distribution channels. The human factor that your customers’ recommendations provide is exactly what a financial institution needs to build trust. We help grow your bank’s sales by focussing on your customers’ trust and engagement.

Make a difference in the finance sector and improve your effectiveness!

We attract customers and gain their loyalty on your behalf


We complement your financial institution’s digital practices. Our software adapts to any digital environment of APIs and web services and improves your digital marketing strategy.


We have made the world of finance more social and digital with new online sales systems (Click to Chat, Click to Call) that offer a significant improvement in the purchasing experience.


We further optimise your success by exhaustively analysing the ROI of each campaign for a rapid reaction and we define clear strategies for achieving the desired KPIs.


With Tink
campaigns take on a life of their own.

With our reference program for banks (Member-Get-Member), your customers will share the economic success your bank has enabled them to achieve with their contacts. They will invigorate your institution while you save an average of over 50% on your acquisition costs!
Our referral marketing tool adapts to your technological reality and offers you solutions for improving your digital transformation policy. With this tool and our extensive experience in the financial sector, we design the best strategies to sell your accounts, credit cards and insurance policies.

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Case Studies

Business woman working on tablet with application and cloud technology concept


The company is a consolidated financial institution in the Spanish-speaking market with an extensive network of domestic and international branches, ATMs, and other digital distribution channels.

It offers its services to large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises and private customers. In recent years, it has opted for digitalisation and innovations within the financial sector and is in the course of full implementation of its digital transformation policies.



One of the customer’s critical needs was to find new distribution channels that would allow it to stand out from the digital competition in the world of finance while also complementing existing channels. The challenge was to develop a digital marketing campaign for banks that seeks the quickest, simplest and most cost-effective way to exponentially increase its digital sales.

Business people using mobile phones and laptops, calculating and discussing charts and diagrams for financial report


The solution that the customer chose was to implement our Referral as a Service software in its digital marketing strategy. The service is invisible to the customer and totally adaptable to the platform of the banking institution. By evaluating analytics and A/B testing, the reference marketing campaign was optimised until a consolidated sales channel was developed.

Read about the pillars of our campaigns in more detail.



Conversion rate


increase in sales
generated by Tink


lower cost of digital
customer acquisition

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Frecuently asked questions

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Why use reference marketing in the finance sector?
It involves a considerable increase in the conversion rate for a very low cost. It also brings a human touch to your institution, which your customers will appreciate.
Why will reference marketing help me to reduce risk perception?
Hearing a recommendation from someone you know reduces the perception of risk, because a friend’s recommendation conveys trust.

Is it a highly developed online platform necessary to use the Member-Get-Member program?
No, we can reach your customers by any means of communication that you use with your customers.
What are the advantages of the reference programme for banking institutions?
We continually optimise the programme using metrics and analytics along with A/B testing. It can reach your customers however you choose: with a segmented approach, using a particular channel, etc.
Does implementing the Member-Get-Member program involve any risk related to data protection?
No, because all the data are encrypted in accordance with the most up-to-date and strict regulations. In addition, no passwords or confidential information of any kind are necessary to participate in the programme.
What features should a good reference program for banks have?
The campaign must offer ease of access and use, and must give incentives that are tailored to customers’ tastes and needs. It is vital that the institution already have loyal, satisfied customers.
Why should I work with Tink if I am a financial institution?
We increase your conversion rates and reduce the cost of customer acquisition and retention. Our agile ROI optimisation is another consistent feature of every campaign, as well as our software’s ease of integration into your institution’s software.
How does Tink help improve sales in a financial institution?
Through digital marketing campaigns for banks which result in the trebling of your conversion rates. The campaigns are responsible for reaching your customers so that your institution is recommended in channels that advertising does not reach.
Will our customers be aware that we are working with an external company?
Not in the slightest. We fully adapt to your banking institution’s brand in order to launch the campaign with zero footprint. Using our services therefore has no effect on the consistency of your brand and the customer’s feeling of security.