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The way the financial sector works is changing. So too are customers, including in how and where they engage and communicate with their friends and with brands.

At TINK, we want to help you handle this evolution and turn a challenge into an opportunity. By relying on our solutions, you can reach more customers on the channels they use and earn their loyalty – before leveraging this loyalty to attract new customers.

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Financial marketing:
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At TINK, we create referral marketing solutions specifically designed to boost customer retention and leverage customer loyalty to drive sales. As a financial institution, incentivising your customers to recommend you to others creates word-of-mouth marketing with an added element of trust. Our focus on the human element of marketing, on testimonials and trust, allows us to drive revenues.

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Our solutions attract customers and earn their loyalty


Our solutions blend seamlessly with your company’s existing digital presence. We adapt our marketing software to your specific digital environment of APIs and web services and strive to improve your digital marketing strategy.


New online sales systems (such as click-to-chat and click-to-call functions) have added digital, social elements to financial services marketing. We embrace such developments, which significantly improve the customer experience.


We conduct exhaustive analysis to determine the RoI for each campaign. This ensures we react rapidly, implement changes where needed and define clear strategies to achieve KPI targets.


TINK campaigns
take on a life of their own.

Our customer referral programme specifically tailored to banks and other financial institutions enables your customers to enjoy a share of the commercial benefits of recommending you and your products. Leveraging customer loyalty in this way refreshes your marketing activities and cuts customer acquisition costs in half.

We adapt our offering to your existing technical setup and provide solutions to support the digital transformation in your company. With our innovative tool, profound expertise and experience in the finance industry, we are ideally positioned to create highly effective strategies to promote your products – from current accounts and credit cards to mortgages and insurance policies.

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Case Studies

Business woman working on tablet with application and cloud technology concept


Our client was a consolidated financial institution in the Spanish-speaking world with an extensive domestic and international network of branches, ATMs and other digital distribution channels.

It offers its services to large corporations, SMEs and private customers. In recent years, this institution has pursued an innovative, digitalised approach and is currently implementing the final stage of its digital transformation project.



One of our client’s most pressing needs was to find new distribution channels to stand out from its competitors in the world of online finance while simultaneously complementing existing channels. In this case, the specific challenge lay in developing a digital marketing campaign that would enable the institution to increase its digital sales exponentially in a straightforward, cost-effective and quick-to-implement process.

Business people using mobile phones and laptops, calculating and discussing charts and diagrams for financial report


In the end, the institution opted to integrate our Referral-as-a-Service software into its digital marketing strategy. Our solution is fully customisable and blended seamlessly with the banking institution’s existing digital offering. By evaluating analytics and conducting A/B testing, we optimised the institution’s referral marketing campaign until the new customer-to-customer sales channel was fully consolidated.

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conversion rate


increase in sales
generated by Tink


reduction in digital
customer acquisition cost

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Frecuently asked questions

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Why use referral marketing in the financial services sector?
Referral marketing has the potential to significantly increase your conversion rate for comparatively minimal cost. It also puts people at the heart of your marketing – which customers both appreciate and trust.
How can referral marketing help to reduce the perception of risk?
A recommendation from a friend instantly reduces the perception of risk. The testimony of a trusted friend or contact imbues your institution with that same sense of trust.

Will I need to set up a sophisticated platform to host the member referral programme?
No, not at all! TINK solutions can reach your customers via any method of communication that you use with your customers.
What advantages does TINK’s referral programme offer financial institutions specifically?
Just as a bank monitors figures and forecasts in its operations, we rely on metrics, analytics and A/B testing to ensure each campaign is as effective as possible. We can also use a segmented approach or a specific communication channel if you prefer. The key benefit, however, is that people place trust in recommendations from existing customers – and especially people they know.
What are the implications of the referral programme for data protection and privacy?
All data is encrypted in accordance with the latest regulations and strictest data protection standards. Our programmes do not require participants to enter any passwords or confidential information. What’s more, our specialist software engineers and developers constantly adapt to the latest technological developments – and respond to any threats as soon as they arise.
What features does an effective referral program need in the financial sector?
It needs to be easy to access, simple to use and offer incentives tailored to the needs and preferences of existing customers. The institution itself needs to have loyal, satisfied customers – if you expect your customers to recommend you to a friend, you need to be confident in the quality of your products.
Why should a financial service provider choose TINK as a partner?
We boost conversion rates and cut the cost of customer acquisition and retention. Our agile approach to RoI optimisation is another crucial element, as is the ease of integrating our tool into an institution’s existing software landscape. Above all, however, we are a dependable and innovative partner with expertise and experience – and we never stop striving to be even better.
How does TINK support sales activities in the financial sector?
Quite simply, by implementing campaigns that triple conversion rates. Our campaigns address customers in channels they actually use and market your products effectively in media that conventional techniques are simply unable to access.
Will our customers be able to tell we are working with an external service provider?
Not in the slightest. Our solution is highly flexible and embraces your branding to ensure your campaign is launched as if you had done it all yourself. Our services do not affect brand consistency in any way; customers will see your brand presence without any distractions.