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Mobile phones have the largest user base of any device. At Tink, we optimise mobile use so that we can adapt to new digital sales channels. Just by going online, your users will recommend using messaging services like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

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As a telecommunications company, you also believe that your customers should be able to express themselves. At Tink, we want your customers to talk and to recommend you with our Referral as a Service software. We shun the traditional methods used by telephone companies and go for an inbound marketing strategy for mobile phone operators, characterised by an omnichannel focus. We automate new sales channels (CTA, landing page) in order to attract new customers and gain their loyalty while reducing acquisition costs (CAC).

Our reference marketing
gives your customers more of a say.


The digitalisation of mobile telephony allows us to offer you an innovative digital sales channel (Click to Call, Click to Chat, landing pages). We implement it on your online platform or web services in a way that the customer will barely notice.


At Tink, we put an end to the aggressive advertising used by mobile phone operators. We give customers the treatment they deserve with our omnichannel software, which improves their purchasing experience.


Customers are attracted by a message from a friend on WhatsApp or a personalised recommendation on Messenger. Attracting customers sight unseen is not our style of mobile marketing.

C2C marketing model

Interaction between your customers is the key to an effective word-of-mouth marketing strategy. At Tink, we give you the tools to foster communication that you would normally be unable to influence. Attracting your customers and gaining their loyalty is serious business for us!

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Reference marketing in the telephone operator sector is a sure success. It does not swamp your users and reaches them in a personalised manner via additional and complementary sales channels. Our marketing strategy for mobile telephone operators adapts to your brand and is continually being improved through ROI and benchmark analyses.

Your clients’ WhatsApp messages have never paid off for you like this.

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Best Cases

Three creative business team working on electronic devices in the office


The company belongs to the mobile telephone sector and provides services for mobile devices and Internet. It is present in the Spanish-speaking market and operates at the domestic and international level for both private customers and companies.

The company diligently observes its customer service policy and has been known for its digital presence since it was founded.



The telephone company has committed itself fully to digitalisation. Its challenge is therefore to find new digital sales channels that are consistent with their customer service policy.

The company therefore required a strategy that would increase its digital sales simply, quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

Victorious corporate man celebrating with his arms lifted in the air


The solution was to use the Referral as a Service software from Tink in its sales policy. With its omnichannel approach, it ensured all the customer care that the company required. Once our program’s A/B testing system helped achieve the perfect campaign, sales went through the roof in less than 10 weeks.

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Conversion rates
4.3 times higher.


of digital sales
produced by our program.


lower cost of digital
customer acquisition

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Frequently asked questions

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As a mobile operator, why would I benefit from a word-of-mouth marketing campaign?
The customer traffic of a mobile operator does not tend to be particularly stable. Our campaigns provide you with an alternative method to reward your existing customers while also generating a new digital sales channel.
Which digital campaign creates the most advantages for a mobile operator?
Reference marketing certainly creates many advantages in the telephony sector. However, no single campaign will work for every telephone company, which is why campaigns must be designed based on the needs of each company and its customers.

How long does it take to set up a reference marketing campaign for mobile operators?
A good campaign that will quadruple conversion rates can be designed in under two weeks.
As a telephony operator, does my company have to have a strong digital presence in order to carry out an effective campaign?
No, not at all. We will advise you on how to reach your customers regardless of the scope of your digital presence.
Does a reference marketing program involve any risk for my telephone company's customers?
No. Our reference campaigns guarantee the security of the company and its customers. There is no need to use any confidential data.
Is a reference marketing campaign compatible with good customer service?
Yes. The most important aspects are gaining loyalty and attracting customers, for which customer service plays a crucial role.
What types of mobile marketing campaigns does Tink offer?
With our Member-Get-Member programme, we adapt to your company and needs. For example, we can launch a campaign to attract new customers or to promote new tariffs or services. We can also determine whether the campaign is based on your customer segmentation or whether you want to send the information using a specific channel.
What is Tink’s largest advantage for mobile telephone operators?
The increase in sales conversion rates and the extremely small investment it requires. Tink also ensures an effective purchasing experience for the end customer.