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Mobile phones are ubiquitous in modern society. At TINK, we believe that marketing must adapt to this and tap the potential of new digital sales channels. Turning messaging services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger into marketing channels means satisfied customers can recommend you to a friend with just a tap of their finger.

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As a player in the telecommunications industry, you undoubtedly share a key philosophy with TINK: that your customers have the right to express themselves. Conventional marketing methods do not seize the full potential of modern, digital technologies. Instead, we adopt an omnichannel approach to marketing and speak to customers where they are in the digital world. By automating new sales channels, we ensure customer retention, attract new customers and earn customer loyalty – all while reducing customer acquisition costs.

Our referral marketing
empowers your customers to use their voice


We use the latest technological developments to create an innovative, effective digital sales channel – and embed it seamlessly in your online presence in a way that appears wholly harmonious.


At TINK, we have no time for the aggressive marketing techniques some network operators use. Instead, we give your customers the respect they deserve; we allow them to speak and listen for themselves in our omnichannel approach.


Satisfied customers send a message or personalised recommendation to their friends on WhatsApp or Messenger. A referral from a trusted source is far more effective than a random, impersonal proposal.

C2C model

Incentivising customer interaction is the key to an effective word-of-mouth marketing strategy. At TINK, we give you the tools to foster communication you would normally be unable to influence.

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How can TINK’s Referral-as-a-Service solution help you gain customers?

Referral marketing has proven a highly effective method in the telecommunications industry. Instead of spamming potential customers with random offers, it uses unconventional sales channels to reach them with relevant, personalised messages.

We offer a fully flexible digital marketing strategy for mobile network operators. Our specialist marketing software adapts to your brand, while your campaigns are constantly improved through RoI and benchmark analyses.

Turn your customers’ WhatsApp messages into an invaluable sales channel

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Best Cases

Three creative business team working on electronic devices in the office


This client was a mobile network operator that provides services for mobile devices as well as general web services. It operates both domestically and internationally in the Spanish-speaking world and offers services to private and business customers. The company is utterly committed to delivering excellent customer service and has been renowned for its digital presence ever since its foundation.



The network operator had committed itself to complete digitalisation of all its services. The challenge therefore lay in finding new digital sales channels that in no way compromised customer service.

Our client needed a strategy to boost its digital sales in a straightforward, cost-effective and quick-to-implement process.

Victorious corporate man celebrating with his arms lifted in the air


Our client opted to implement TINK’s Referral-as-a-Service solution in its sales operations. Our omnichannel approach ensured that the company upheld its commitment to customer service. Following A/B testing and extensive analysis to optimise the campaign, our client saw their sales shoot up in less than 10 weeks.

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conversion rate


of digital sales
produced by our program.


reduction in digital
customer acquisition cost.

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Frequently asked questions

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How would a mobile network operator benefit from a word-of-mouth marketing campaign?
In the telecommunications industry, customer acquisition tends to come in peaks and troughs. Our campaigns take an alternative approach to marketing for mobile operators by rewarding your existing customers while creating new digital sales channels to generate a constant flow of new customers.
What are the most effective digital marketing methods in the telecoms industry?
Referral marketing presents numerous benefits for companies in the field of mobile telephony. However, no one campaign will be effective in every part of the telecoms industry – which is why we tailor every campaign to the position and needs of the individual company and its customers.

How long does it take to set up a referral marketing campaign?
We can put together an effective campaign capable of quadrupling conversion rates in under two weeks.
Does a network operator need a strong digital presence for a word-of-mouth campaign to be successful?
No, not at all. We will advise you of the best way to reach your customers, whatever the scope of your online presence.
Does TINK’s referral marketing programme pose any risk to end customers?
No, absolutely not. Our referral campaigns offer guaranteed security for the network provider and its customers – in part because it does not require any confidential data from any party.
Is referral marketing compatible with excellent customer service?
Yes! Loyalty and trust are crucial elements of our efforts to promote customer retention and attract new customers. With this focus on people and their impressions, referral marketing is wholly compatible with providing superb customer service.
What campaign types does TINK offer for mobile network operators?
We can tailor our refer-a-friend programme to your company and specific needs. For example, we can launch campaigns to attract new customers or to promote new tariffs or services. We can also base the campaign on your customer segmentation or whether you want to encourage communication via a specific channel.
What is the biggest advantage of using TINK for companies in the telecoms industry?
Quite simple: the boost in conversion rates in return for comparatively little investment. TINK also ensures that end customers enjoy a simple and convenient purchasing experience.