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Here at TINK, we use the power of people to take your digital marketing operations to the next level. Our specialist software automates word-of mouth marketing and enables you to create tailored incentives to boost customer retention and leverage referral marketing.

Word-of-mouth marketing – more effective than ever before!

Automating and augmenting your sales

Your next-level digital marketing strategy

Our member referral programme is based on automated marketing software that enables customers to harness the power of their voice as consumers. Our specialist software solutions empower your customers and drive your sales.

Traditional marketing techniques are simply unable to achieve the same cut-through as multi-directional communication between customers.



How can TINK and its
Referral-as-a-Service solutions
help boost customer loyalty?


We launch the campaign.

• Our automated marketing campaign offers your customers simple and convenient methods of recommending you and your product.


Your customers recommend you and receive a reward in return.

Using our automation tool, your customers spread the word using social media platforms and messaging services (such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger).


Their contacts receive an incentive to purchase your product.

You choose what incentive to offer and this simple, automated process creates a new digital distribution channel.


Reward your customers and watch your sales grow.

Our innovative digital marketing strategy allows you to boost customer loyalty and attract new customers at the same time – with minimum cost and effort.

That’s all there is to it.
Pretty easy, right?

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A simple yet effective digital marketing tool
Tink - Referral as a Service

Easy to integrate

We tailor our customer referral solution to your brand and ensure it blends seamlessly into your digital offering. It is also compatible with other SaaS, CRM and ERP platforms and solutions.

Safe and secure

At TINK, we implement strict security protocols in every campaign. Ensuring compliance with your specific data privacy, security and risk management regulations is also part of our service.

Utterly innovative

Our customer referral tool taps into different communication channels to conventional marketing techniques and offers a simple, convenient and fully automated process. It incorporates innovative closing strategies (including click-to-call and click-to-chat functions) and takes digital marketing to the next level.

At TINK, we deliver on our promises.

It’s why our clients are so happy to recommend us.

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What do we offer you?

Marketing automation software: Referral as a Service

Our referral marketing software connects customers with similar consumption habits. Focusing on high-potential demographics allows us to treble conversion rates and increase yields.

Continuous analysis of return on investment (ROI)

We take a holistic view and adopt agile methods to ensure your campaign is always fully optimised. Measuring RoI in real time provides us with qualitative benchmarks, while A/B testing offers empirical evidence to guide our work. We squeeze every last ounce of potential from each campaign.


Loyalty programme

We empower your customers by making them a key element in your automated marketing strategy. In addition, we guarantee that our programme will triple your conversion rates within three months.

New marketing and sales distribution channel – C2C

TINK puts people at the heart of your digital sales strategy. By making use of messaging services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, you tap into potential that conventional methods are unable to reach.

Frecuently asked questions

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What is Social Selling?
Social selling is a marketing strategy that generates sales through promotion on social networks. Some of the most common techniques involve sharing content and interacting with potential customers through networks.
Which marketing strategies are most profitable?

This depends on your business and products – but referral marketing has established itself as an effective means of driving sales in the digital world. This multi-directional, people-centred approach can reach high numbers of potential customers without the high costs involved in conventional techniques.

How does the TINK member referral programme work?
Our referral programme uses automated marketing and does not require technical input or resources on your part. We take care of everything, from developing a suitable programme for your product to incorporating your branding and helping you integrate the tool into your digital platform. The tool itself it easy to integrate – but, if you run into any difficulties, our expert team stands ready to assist.
What resources do I need for a referral marketing campaign?
All you need to provide is your branding, along with the incentives and rewards you wish to offer the customers who refer you and the new customers who join based on these referrals. We provide the software and work to continuously optimise your campaign.
How long do the benefits of referral marketing take to appear?
Not long at all: you can expect to see your conversion rates rocket upwards within three months.
Who is involved in a referral marketing campaign?
The main players are your customers – though your employees can also get involved in the campaign. These people know from first-hand experience that you offer a high-quality product, making them ideal ambassadors for your brand.
Can TINK software be integrated into other software?
Yes, our software can be integrated with CRM and ERP tools. We can also adapt our software to your digital platform with zero footprint.

How long does it take to install and integrate TINK solutions?
We can create and launch a digital marketing campaign in just 10 days.

Is Tink software considered omnichannel?
Yes, because it gives the end customer the power to decide how and through which channel they will make their purchase. All sales channels offered by our software have total cohesion, which takes the hassle out of purchasing.

Why is it so easy to operate with Tink software?
Tink assesses each campaign’s ROI and offers you precise analytics and metrics in real time. These results provide us with updated, qualitative benchmarks, which allow us to optimise your campaigns at any given moment.

What communications channels does TINK use to launch campaigns?
We use a variety of media reach your customers. For example, we connect with customers through your website, via email, using smartphone contacts – and just about any other form of communication your company uses.

We can triple your current conversion rates.

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