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More than ever, we at Tink want to humanise the sale of your product with our Referral as a Service software. We automate word-of mouth marketing and offer you digital solutions to attract customers and gain their loyalty.

Word of mouth has never been so efficient and automated!

We automate and increase your profits

The marketing strategy that will drive your sales

Our Member-Get-Member program gives your customers and employees a voice in order to increase your profits automatically. There is no better way to increase sales than by using methods that traditional marketing cannot compete with: multi-directional communication between customers.



How do you attract customers
and gain their loyalty
with Tink - Referral as a Service?


We launch the campaign.

We provide your customers with an easy way of recommending you through the automated marketing campaign.


Your customers recommend you and are guaranteed a reward or incentive.

They advertise you on their social media and messaging services (WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger) using our marketing automation tool or with a landing page record.


Their contacts purchase your product in exchange for an incentive.

This allows us to promote customer capture in a simple, automated manner and create a new digital distribution channel.


Reward them and watch how they increase your profits.

Win the loyalty of your customers and the trust of new customers with our digital marketing campaign.

Sounds easy, right?
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We have the solution to your problems:
Tink - Referral as a Service

Simple integration

Our recommendation program is personalised for your brand and fits into your digital platform with zero footprint. It is also compatible with other SaaS, CRM and ERP products.

Security practices

At Tink, we operate with security protocols for each of our campaigns. We also adapt our methods to your company’s data protection, security and operational risk policies.

Integral solution

Our referral software uses different channels and seeks to ensure an ideal purchasing experience. It incorporates innovative strategies for concluding a sale (from the web service to CRM or with Click to Call and Click to Chat) and injects information into the existing digital sales funnel.

Tink is synonymous with success.

That is why our customers also recommend us.

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What do we offer you?

Marketing automation software: Referral as a Service

Our reference software connects customers with similar consumption habits. This allows it to treble conversion rates and increase profits through a new digital marketing channel.

Continuous analysis of return on investment (ROI)

We work in a holistic, agile manner in order to constantly optimise your campaign. We measure real-time ROI to obtain qualitative benchmarks and to optimise your campaigns with A/B testing. Let us help get the most out of your reference campaigns!


Loyalty programme

We give your customers a voice and involve them in the automated marketing strategy. We guarantee that your conversion rates on existing sales will treble in three months.

New marketing and sales distribution channel – C2C

Tink is the only way to humanise your digital direct sales strategy. We bring your company to messaging services like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, which are visited only by consumers.

Frecuently asked questions

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What is Social Selling?
It is a marketing strategy that works by making sales via promotion on social networks. Some of the most common techniques are sharing content and interacting with potential customers through networks or social listening.
Which marketing strategies generate the most profit?

Reference marketing has gained a high profile in the digital space. Its multi-directional and personalised character allows it to reach potential customers without involving high costs

How does the Member-Get-Member program work?
It is a simple process that does not require any technical resources from your company. We develop a Member-Get-Member program that is adapted to your branding and needs and we help you incorporate it into your digital platform. Your team will not find themselves overwhelmed with tasks involving the integration of our software.
What do I need for a reference marketing campaign?
Only referral software that is able to launch the campaigns (Referral as a Service) and optimise them in real time.
How long do I need to wait to see the benefits of reference marketing?
You will see your conversion rates go through the roof within a period of three months.
Who takes part in a reference marketing campaign?
Mainly the customers, although your employees may also make use of the campaign. They are aware of the high quality of your product and will therefore be your best spokespersons.
Can Tink software be integrated into other software?
Yes, we can integrate our software into other software, CRM or ERP and we adapt our software to your digital platform with zero footprint.

How long does the installation and integration process take?
In just 10 working days, we will create your digital marketing campaign, launch it and start to increase your sales.

Is Tink software considered omnichannel?
Yes, because it gives the end customer the power to decide how and through which channel they will make their purchase. All sales channels offered by our software have total cohesion, which takes the hassle out of purchasing.

Why is it so easy to operate with Tink software?
Tink assesses each campaign’s ROI and offers you precise analytics and metrics in real time. These results provide us with updated, qualitative benchmarks, which allow us to optimise your campaigns at any given moment.

What communications media are used to launch campaigns?
We rely on a variety of methods to reach your customers: through your website, via e-mail and mobile telephone contacts, or through any other form of communication that your company uses.

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