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Here at TINK, we encourage your customers to recommend you to others. Our refer-a-friend program enables you to strengthen your connection with existing customers and tap the potential of your customer base to attract new customers. Increase your sales and conversation rate four-fold while cutting your marketing costs and saving on customer loyalty campaigns.


Refer-a-friend program:
Digitalising word of mouth.

When it comes to marketing, there’s nothing more effective than a recommendation from a friend.
Our Referral-as-a-Service software uses peer-to-peer channels (like WhatsApp or Facebook) that are beyond the reach of conventional marketing techniques. We launched our service to automate recommendations and capture leads in 2017 – and have been helping companies like yours ever since.

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Unique sales and communication channels

Our referral marketing strategy is perfectly tailored to social media platforms and messaging apps. This allows us to reach the channels that customers actually use and implement C2C marketing. By encouraging your customers to recommend to a friend, you benefit from more effective, more productive referrals.

Telecoms and finance specialists

We can look back on years of experience in the financial and mobile telephony sectors. Our depth of experience and profound expertise means you benefit from best practice and sector-specific KPI-based targets. Check out our case studies, which outline how our expert knowledge has helped clients in the financial and mobile telephony sectors take their marketing to the next level.

All-in-one software

Our referral software features all functions required for an effective referral campaign, from ROI assessment and metrics analysis tools to digital sales channels and a full suite of referral marketing tools.

100% white label

We tailor everything to your brand and your digital platform. We offer an invisible SaaS solution that embraces and embodies the unique identity of each individual client.



Our customers recommend us

I have seen for myself how various banks in the region have implemented TINK in their sales processes. For many of them, TINK’s SaaS solution has become a highly efficient additional sales channel and an effective referral system for the finance industry.
Ramón Heredia, Executive Director of
Digital Bank Latam.
We implemented TINK’s referral software when we began to digitise our personal banking operations in 2018 – and have been fully satisfied with the results. TINK provides a professional service and is utterly reliable.
Lucrecia Salim, Personal Banking Segment Manager
at Scotiabank Chile.
Here at Banco Bci, we achieved excellent sales after implementing TINK’s solution. In just a few months, we managed to triple digital sales conversion rates. We have now been working with TINK for two years.
Sebastián Robles, Chief Innovation Officer at
Banco Bci.
We use your referral tool and have been thoroughly satisfied with the sales and new accounts it has generated. TINK offers a good, reliable service.
Andrés Kuhn, Customer Experience and Digital
Transformation Manager at Banco BCP.



Frequently asked questions

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What is reference marketing?
Referral marketing – also known as word-of-mouth marketing – uses recommendations from existing customers to promote a product. Companies offer incentives to encourage customers to use word of mouth to spread the word. Of course, some customers will recommend a product to their friends without prompting, but offering incentives often delivers impressive results.
How does the TINK refer-a-friend program work?
In essence, it is a customer loyalty program that taps the potential of our customer base to attract new customers, thereby generating sales while also improving conversion rates. It encourages satisfied customers to recommend your product or service to their friends. Once they do, they receive a reward – and the new customer also receives a welcome bonus.

Is referral marketing worthwhile?

Yes! For one, the outlay is negligible. Companies only have to cover the costs of the incentive to the customer making the referral and the customer who joins as a result.

How could my company benefit from referral marketing?
Although referral marketing involves a smaller investment than many conventional marketing techniques, it still generates impressive added value. What’s more, it empowers your customers – which creates greater customer loyalty and additional revenue.
What are the advantages of referral marketing?
In addition to the lower costs compared to conventional marketing techniques, the biggest advantage is that it is customers who recommend products to their contacts. They know their friends’ tastes, preferences and needs – and are in the perfect position to identify potential customers.
Is referral marketing an automated process?
Yes – we use software to automate referral marketing strategies. This automated software automatically analyses and optimises tasks and increases revenues.
How does TINK charge for its software?
We charge a monthly fee for access to our software. This fee varies depending on the number of campaigns implemented and the contractual term agreed.
How do customers receive their reward?
Each campaign involves a different reward, gift or incentive. Developing a new campaign includes selecting the most suitable option for the platform and software.
What benefits can we expect from working with TINK?
We promises to triple your conversion rate within three months.
What services does Tink offer?

We perform analysis, provide consultancy and oversee your campaign launch. Once it’s underway, we conduct exhaustive follow-up analysis and continuously optimise your campaign.

Which sectors are the most profitable?
TINK software can be used with end customers in any sector, but our specialism lies in the financial and mobile telephony sectors.



What sets TINK apart from standard social media marketing?
Unlike digital marketing on social networks, TINK facilitates multi-directional marketing traffic as your customers create C2C communication channels themselves.

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