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At Tink, we persuade your customers to recommend you. With our Member-Get-Memberreward programme you will attract new customers in a more personalised, human way.
Increase your sales and your conversion rate by up to four times and reduce the cost of marketing and customer loyalty campaigns.


Member-Get-Member program:
We digitalise word of mouth.

There is nothing in advertising that is more effective than recommendations from friends.
With our Referral as a Service software, we use private (peer-to-peer) channels like WhatsApp or Facebook, which are outside the reach of traditional marketing. We have been automating recommendations and capturing leads since 2017.

Try our software and make your advertising worth the effort!



Unique sales and communication channels

Our referral marketing strategy goes hand-in hand with social media and messaging services. We reach the private channels that customers use (C2C). With the “recommend to a friend” programme, you are guaranteed more effective and trusted referrals.

Specialists in telecommunications and finance

We have years of experience in the finance and mobile telephone sector. Our experience ensures that you will benefit from best practices and targets based on KPIs in each sector. We have the know-how to help you! Find out here how we have already assisted other customers in the finance and telephony sectors

All-in-one software

Our referral software contains all the functions for a perfect referral campaign: ROI assessment, metrics analysis, digital sales channels and the full suite of referral marketing tools.

100% white label

We adapt ourselves completely to your brand and your digital platform. We are an invisible SaaS that takes on the look and feel of every client.



Our customers recommend us

I have personally seen how various banks in the region have implemented TINK in their sales processes. This SaaS has become a very efficient additional sales channel for many banks, with a very effective referral system for the finance industry.
Ramón Heredia, Executive Director of
Digital Bank Latam.
We implemented the TINK referral software to our satisfaction when we embarked on our digital transformation processes for personal banking in 2018. The service they offer is very professional and they are very reliable.
Lucrecia Salim, Personal Banking Segment Manager
at Scotiabank Chile.
At Bci Bank, we worked with TINK and achieved very positive sales results. In a few months, we trebled digital sales conversion rates above their levels from before we worked with this referral tool. We have now been working with them for two years.
Sebastián Robles, Chief Innovation Officer at
Banco Bci.
We work with your referrals tool and we are very satisfied with the credit card and account sales generated. TINK offers a good, reliable service.
Andrés Kuhn, Customer Experience and Digital
Transformation Manager at Banco BCP.



Frequently asked questions

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What is reference marketing?
Reference marketing, also known as word-of-mouth marketing or referral marketing, seeks to promote a product through customer recommendations. Although word of mouth can occur without any prompting, reference marketing allows companies to encourage it with very advantageous results.
What is Member-Get-Member?
It is a customer attraction and loyalty programme that ensures a considerable increase in sales and conversion rates. It works by satisfied customers recommending your services to acquaintances. The customer receives a reward for this recommendation, as does the new customer who accepts the recommendation.

Is referral marketing worthwhile?

Yes, because the cost is almost negligible. The only expense for the company is the reward offered to the customer who makes the recommendation and the customer who receives it.

What benefits does reference marketing offer for my company?
 Referral marketing involves a reduced investment and brings added value: your customers are empowered, which results in increased loyalty and greater profits.
What are the advantages of reference marketing?
Along with the reduced cost involved, the main advantage is that customers recommend the product to their contacts. They know their tastes and needs, and they are the ones who locate potential customers themselves.
Is reference marketing automated?
Yes, the reference marketing strategies are implemented with automated software. It analyses and optimises tasks and increases profit.
How is Tink paid for its technology?
Payment is in the form of a monthly fee for the software. The monthly fee varies according to the volume and quantity of campaigns and also depends on the contract period.
How do the customers receive their reward?
Each campaign has a different reward, prize or incentive, meaning that the development of a campaign includes setting up the most suitable method for the platform and software.
What benefits can we expect with Tink?
Our warranty agreement promises to treble your company’s conversion rate within three months.
What services does Tink offer?

We handle the analysis, consultancy and launching of your campaign, along with exhaustive follow-up and continual optimisation

Which sectors are the most profitable?
 Tink software can be used in any sector with end customers, although our strong point is working in the finance and telephony sector.
What differentiates Tink from digital marketing on social media?
Unlike digital social media marketing, Tink offers multi-directional traffic, since the communication channel is created by your customers themselves (C2C).What differentiates Tink from digital marketing on social media? Unlike digital social media marketing, Tink offers multi-directional traffic, since the communication channel is created by your customers themselves (C2C).

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